Viñales tours Cuba – our best recommendations

If you are looking for some information about tours in Viñales, here is some! Viñales is a small town, but in and around Viñales there are different tours that you can do.

1 – Horseback riding tours

For example, you can do horseback riding tours in the valley of Viñales, where the big tobacco plantations and famous limestone mountains are located. On horseback you will explore the area, there is time to make a stop at a local farmer’s house and you can enjoy the fresh air of nature. Also, there is a natural lake where you can swim of the water level is high enough. You can do this tour with with our guide Juan José! More info can be found on this page: horseback riding tours in Viñales.

2 – Cueva del Indio

Visit the Cueva del Indio by bicycle. It is a tour you can do by yourself, renting a bicycle through your casa particular or in the center of town. You will ride right through the green natural landscape and you can appreciate the views of the mountains. And it’s not only a tour by bike, because you can visit inside the cave and there you can also do a tour with a small boat – right inside the cave that is!

3 – Canopy tour

A very new excursion that has only recently been opened in Viñales: a canopy tour. You will be strapped in  harness and many meters above the ground you will fly over the amazing Viñales valley. Here the view is very beautiful and the colors of the landscape possibly even greener. The route towards the canopy tour is also a great distance to do by bicycle and alongside the road you can see the typical houses and local life of the farmers.


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