One day at the beach in Cayo Jutías | Viñales, Cuba

Visiting the beach of Cayo Jutías from Viñales is very popular. As at only one hour by car from the town, you can feel free as a bird at this lovely playa. Without a doubt, the soft sand and blue waters of Cayo Jutías are perfect for swimming and relaxing and will make for a pretty spectacular day.

There are no hotels at Cayo Jutías, therefore you can only visit during the day and you will have to return to Viñales in the late afternoon. But this is actually great, as it means there are fewer tourists and everything is more natural. At this beach you can feel very independent, as you can walk around and explore freely. There is only one small bar, with great views of the ocean. Here you can have lunch or order a cocktail like a mojito or a cuba libre, or order a Cuban Cristal beer.

Some touristic services are offered at Cayo Jutías, like the rental of snorkeling gear or sea canoes. You can also go diving here as there is a diving school. You can rent a sun chair for 3 CUC a day. It is really a pretty spot to relax, read a book and sometimes do something a bit more active like get in a water bike or canoe.

Your casa particular in Viñales can help you with arranging transport to Cayo Jutías. A taxi should cost about 60-70 CUC which you can share with up to 5 people. This way, you have the freedom to decide when you want to go to the beach or return back to Viñales. There are also organized excursions to Cayo Jutías offered in Viñales, at the Havanatur or Infotur office on the main square. A day tour will cost around 20 CUC per person, with lunch included.

I have very good memories of Cayo Jutías, as it is the only beach close to Viñales where Cubans can go freely. We always took the old classic car of my uncle, packed up the entire family and a fried chicken lunch that was made by my mom… Such wonderful days we have spent here!





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  1. Hola,
    Somos Americanos y estamos venido a Vinales en 5 de Abril y estamos buscando para guia y conductor.
    Queremos ir bucear a las playas y islas, Maria Gorda y Parque Nacional Peninsula de Guanahacabibes.
    Muchas Gracias,

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