Viñales tours Cuba – our best recommendations

If you are looking for some information about tours in Viñales, here is some! Viñales is a small town, but in and around Viñales there are different tours that you can do. 1 – Horseback riding tours For example, you can do horseback riding tours in the valley of Viñales, where the big tobacco plantations and […]

The beautiful natural lake of Viñales in Cuba

In our valley of Viñales we always find new things and adventures to explore! This time I’d like to tell you about the natural lake of Viñales, which is located right at the heart of the valley in between the ‘mogotes’ (mountains). The lake is with fresh water and around it there are many plantations that […]

Sleep in a casa particular in Viñales, Cuba

Why would you sleep in a hotel and only see the touristic sights of Cuba, when you can have the option of indulging in local life while sleeping in a casa particular? In a casa particular Cubans rent out rooms in their houses to tourists, and together with the family you can experience many typical […]

Travel by rental car in Cuba

If you want to travel around Cuba with a great sense of freedom, the best way to do it is with a rental car. Cuba is an easy country to navigate, because in Cuba the risk of getting lost or not finding your way is very small. The truth is: there aren’t that many roads! And […]

Lonely Planet y el Valle de Viñales en Cuba

Lonely Planet, un libro turístico muy reconocido en el mundo, tiene para este año 2016 entre las 10 mejores regiones para viajeros, el Valle de Viñales, Cuba. Al descubrir esto fue una gran alegría y orgullo para mi. Viñales es el pueblo donde nací y la verdad es que la ilusión de esta noticia es muy […]

Casa de la música: Polo Montañez

En Viñales existe el Centro Cultural Polo Montañez, es el bar mas popular de mi pueblo. Polo Montañez se encuentra en la única plaza de Viñales, cerca de la iglesia. Conozco este bar como mis propias manos, es como si yo mismo lo hubiese construido. Mi padre tiene 10 hermanos y tengo 28 primos, quizás […]