The views and swimming pool of Los Jazmines | Viñales, Cuba

To be in the countryside of Viñales is very special. Of this I have no doubt, as I was born here and know every nook and cranny of this valley. But why not climb to the hotel Los Jazmines, atop a hill right outside the town? It is located at only 4 kilometers distance in the direction of the road to Pinar del Río.  And for sure, don’t forget to bring your camera. Because at the hotel Los Jazmines you will find the most beautiful view over the valley of Viñales as well as the town.

You can see the mogotes, the tobacco plantations, the read soil, the little houses in the countryside… From up here, everything seems to have more colour and the mountains shimmer in the distance.

Don’t just enjoy the view at Los Jazmines; in this hotel you can also enjoy the swimming pool. As the days in Viñales can be very sunny and hot, it is perfect to spend the afternoon by the side of the pool while enjoying the views.

The entrance to the pool costs 7 CUC for non-guests and includes 5 CUC of consumptions in the hotel bar-restaurant. I really like this hotel. Los Jazmines is surrounded y a lot of beautiful vegetation and the swimming pool is clean, deep and big. My advice is to sleep in a casa particular in Viñales and enjoy an afternoon at the hotel Los Jazmines by the pool, to have the best of both worlds.





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Jesús was born in Viñales and he has lived in this town for the first 22 years of his life. He has 10 uncles and aunts, 28 cousins and knows every corner of this village. With this website, he wants to share his experiences and best advice with tourists who want to visit Viñales. Jesús likes nature, his pigeons, his family and traveling the world with his Dutch girlfriend.

He has its own blog called El Viajero Cubano and you can follow his Instagram account.

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